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Servicing and Repairing Boilers and Gas Fires in Telford, Shropshire

It is always beneficial to keep your appliances in the best condition. The cleaner and more maintained they are, the more efficiently they will run, whereas neglected appliances won't be burning to the optimum level. Our fire and boiler servicing and repairs will take care of the appliance and prolong its life by preventing overheating. Based in Telford, Shropshire, our heating engineers expertly complete the servicing while maintaining competitive prices.

Boiler Unit

Choose Regular Servicing

Servicing not only helps to prevent problems; it also identifies them before they damage the appliance beyond repair. We recommend having boilers and fires serviced every 12 months or even more regularly if they are constantly being used. For open-flued appliances, such as gas fires, it is even more important to have them serviced regularly, as they can release carbon monoxide when they are blocked.

Cost-Effective Repairs

In the event that your boiler or gas fire does become damaged, purchasing an expensive replacement is not always the only option. Get in touch with our engineers, and we will visit your property and assess the appliance. In many cases, a simple repair or replacement part is all that is required to restore the appliance's functionality altogether.

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